Meet Tara


Tara is a mother, former teacher, and Marine wife who has called Stafford County home for 20 years.

Tara earned a B.A. in Political Science and Communications from Coe College before attending the University of Baltimore School of Law. After working at the United Way, Tara married her husband Ted and moved to Virginia where they’ve raised their three children.

An elementary school teacher, Tara is a dedicated community leader, having served on the Board of the Fredericksburg Area Service League and PTO Board. Over the years, Tara has coached and supported lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer teams in the community. Tara has served on the Citizens Review Panel with United Way, the PTO, and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. Tara is a parishioner at St Mary's Church in Fredericksburg.  She is an active volunteer teaching Bible School and Religious Education classes and assisting with the Youth Group. 

Tara was motivated to seek public office after a tense encounter with rioters in summer 2020. Tara and her daughter were stopped in their vehicle in downtown Fredericksburg. Surrounded by an angry mob blocking the intersection, they were encircled and intimidated as rioters assaulted Tara’s vehicle. When Tara called the police to restore safety, she was told that the mob’s actions were sanctioned by the city government, and that law enforcement had no authority to intervene to ensure their safety.

Months after the incident Tara was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her struggles through treatment and recovery reinforced the importance of faith and family in overcoming obstacles.

In November 2021, Tara was elected to serve Stafford and Fredericksburg in the House of Delegates - defeating a Democrat incumbent and helping return a Republican majority to the chamber.

Tara has been married to Ted, a Marine reservist, for 25 years. Her eldest daughter Lindsay graduated from the University of South Florida with a major in International Relations. Her son Teddy is a Navy ROTC student studying Building Science at Auburn University, and her daughter Coco is in middle school. 

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