Candidacy Announcement

Tara Durant Announces Candidacy for Delegate

Fredericksburg, VA​ -- Tara Durant announced her bid for State Delegate today, seeking the Republican nomination to serve the 28th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

An elementary school teacher, Marine wife and breast cancer survivor, Tara has been active in civic and charitable organizations in Fredericksburg for decades, serving on several committee boards and raising funds for Habitat for Humanity and United Way.

“Virginia is in desperate need of leaders who put the safety of Virginia families before extreme rhetoric and extreme partisanship. One-party-rule in Richmond has left Virginia taxpayers behind, and Democrats in Richmond continue to play partisan games and ignore the priorities of our community” said Tara.

Durant was motivated to seek public office after a tense encounter with violent protesters in July of last year. Driving home with her 12-year old daughter, Durant’s vehicle was obstructed and surrounded by angry protesters blocking an intersection in downtown Fredericksburg. Trapped and concerned for her daughter’s safety, Durant called 9/11 - only to be informed that protesters’ blocking of intersections and intimidating drivers was sanctioned by the city manager.

“Those seeking to divide and disrupt our communities, and put people’s lives in danger, are an extreme and small minority of Virginians. Politicians shouldn’t pander to the mob. Virginia deserves leaders who will stand up for law enforcement, for common sense policies, and stand against lawlessness and violence in our city streets.”

As an educator, Tara stresses the importance of in-person learning and calls for every student to return to the classroom.

“Getting our kids back to the classroom safely is my top priority. Every student deserves an opportunity to thrive in school, and I will work to bridge the gap in educational opportunity in Virginia.”

The 28th District includes parts of Stafford County and the City of Fredericksburg.